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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is important for many reasons. Removing sand, dirt, spills, dust and allergens will add years to the life of your carpet and will keep your home or office smelling so fresh and so clean! If you have kids, pets or carpet with high traffic you should get your carpets cleaned routinely.

Over the years carpet has gotten a bad rap. People think that carpet is the cause of allergies. The opposite is true. Carpet can actually help allergies by acting as an air purifier and trapping dust and allergens. The key is to vacuum and steam clean your carpets routinely. No matter how often you vacuum, over time the carpet fibers will eventually become soiled and appear dull. You will need a professional carpet cleaner to get deep into the carpet so it will look like new again. If you routinely clean your carpet they can last up 20 years!

There are many ways to restore and increase the longevity of your carpet. We offer patching, stretching, spot dying, bleach dying, full carpet dying, heavy soiled power scrub, berber re-stitching, and yes we can even bleach berber.

Supergreen Restorations uses a high-powered truck mounted carpet-cleaning machine. This high-powered machine will clean your carpet with 180-degree water to make sure you get a deep cleaning. With 20 years of carpet cleaning experience; our IICRC certified technicians are the best in the field. See our carpet cleaning results.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Results

Before Carpet Cleaning
Carpet before cleaning.
After SuperGREEN's Quality Carpet Cleaning
Carpet after SuperGREEN's quality cleaning services by IICRC certificed technicians.