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Wall and Debris Removal

Mold can form on the walls if there is excessive moisture for an extended period of time. Do NOT make the mistake of opening up the wall yourself. The temperature and condition inside your walls can be very different than what you feel inside your home. This warmer climate allow mold to grow at a more rapid rate.

If you can see mold on a wall in your home or office you may have a more serious mold problem behind the wall, if moisture is present. A trained professional must perform the wall and debris removal to ensure the mold remains in only the problem area.

Our primary concern is preventing further mold contamination. Our technicians wear protective clothing when necessary to prevent exposure to toxic mold and prevent cross contamination. We will set up a containment barrier under negative air and dispose of all contaminated debris properly. We will professionally remove the threat of mold fast without spreading spores through out your home or business.